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Flat Pack Toilet Cubicles

Contractor Range

We manufacture and keep stock of Flat Pack Cubicle Range. They are is available on next-day delivery if ordered before 10am. This range is off the shelf. It's ideal for temporary or light usage environments.

Before manufacture takes place we provide you with a Drawing for Approval. This to ensures all the details are correct and reduces the risk of error. All the required fitments will be delivered with the panels to ensure the installation can be completed in one visit. A joiner or caretaker team will easily be able to install these cubicles. We are available over the phone if installation advice is needed and we have installation guides. 

Advantages of the Flat Pack System
  • Economical and great value

  • Cost-effective

  • Stable and strong 

  • Flat Pack Solution

  • Ideal for temporary or light usage requirement

  • Delivered complete with all necessary fittings

  • Ideal for jobs with a very tight deadline

  • Mix panel colours to provide contrast

  • Fully water and rust-proof SAA fittings

Ideal for
  • Construction Sites

  • Light usage toilet cubicle areas

  • Temporary cubicles

  • Taste booths

  • Office toilets

  • Reading booths

  • Clothing store changing rooms

  • Any dry area requiring a quick cubicle solution


Low Foot Fall or Temporary Cubicles



Price Range


Heavy Duty Satin Anodised Aluminium

Order before 10am for next day delivery 

Low / Cheap

18mm Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC)



10 years on cubicle fittings



Partition Depth

1500mm (Standard)

1950mm (Standard)

Cubicle Height

Possible Colour Combinations
Grey & White Flat Pack Toilet Cubicle

Door:             Light Grey

Pils & Parts:  White

Sand and Grey Flat Pack Toilet Cubicle

Door:             Sand

Pils & Parts:  Light Grey

 Grey and Lavender Flat Pack Toilet Cubicle
24 hour toilet cubicles

Door:              Lavender

Pils & Parts:   Light Grey

Door:             White

Pils & Parts:   Blue

Flat Pack Range Colours Options

Doors and Partitions 
White Panel


Grey Panel

Light Grey

Sand Panel


Additional Door Colours (extra cost)
18mm MF MDF - Blue. B001JPG.jpg


Lavender Door


Flat Pack Cubicle Layout.JPG

Doors & Partition Dimensions

Call:       01535 602141


Contractor Range Toilet Cubicle Panel Dimensions for Contractor Range Toilet Cubicles

Partition wall delivered as two separate 900 x 1500mm sections

Drawing of Space Each Cubicle Provides

Flat Pack Off the Shelf Cubicle Layouts
L Shaped Flat Pack Cubicle
Enclosed / Wall to Wall Flat Pack Cubicle
Flat Pack Off the Shelf Cubicle Layouts

Typical L Shaped Cubicle Pack consists of:

  •          1no. 650mm x 1800mm solid one piece door panel 

  •          2no. 150mm x 1800mm Pilasters (300mm pilasters are available if required)

  •          2no. 900mm x 1500mm sectional wall panels 

  •          1no. 1500mm long H channel cubicle wall jointing strip (used to create a 1800mm H x 1500mm L wall) 

  •          2no. 1800mm loose edging strips to cover any site cut edges


  •          1no. Slide Bolt 

  •          1no. Foot

  •          8no. Wall / panel brackets for the partition walls

  •          3no. or 6no. Wall / panel brackets for the pilasters. (Total depends on layout)

  •          2no. Non Finger trap Hinges

  •          Length of headrail to suit

  •          All fittings guaranteed for 10 years

Panel Material

Melamine Faced MDF

The Flat Pack Range System is made from 18mm MFC panels. The come  complete with a 2mm PVC knock resistant edge to every edge on the panel. These qualities provide a simple low maintenance cubicle system.

MFC is a chipboard core coated with decorative papers impregnated with thermosetting resins on both sides of the board. Because of this MFC is suitable for dry area use only.


18mm MFC panel in blue for quick toilet cubicles

Typical Fittings Layout

Call:       01535 602141


Labelled_Toilet_ Cubicle_Contractor.png

Cubicle Fittings

Heavy Duty Satin Anodised Aluminium 

Slide Bolt and Keep

Slide Bolt and Keep

Cubicle Support Leg

Support Leg

Wall or Partition Bracket

Wall / Partition Bracket

Cubicle Door Hinge

Door Hinge

Like what you see........Contact us!

Call:       01535 602141


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